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A blog dedicated to the music played on KNGY, Energy 92.7, the radio station that kept the San Francisco Bay Area dancing from October 2004-September 2009.

April 21, 2006

Kisses in a Bottle

New Music Alert: This morning, Energy takes a cue from nearly every other dance station in the country and adds the Mike Rizzo mix of Danielle Bollinger's "Kiss the Sky" into regular rotation. Too bad the station never picked up on Miss Bollinger's first well-deserved smash, "When the Broken Hearted Love Again" - the Josh Harris mix of this glorious hit from last year still has me throwing my hands jubilantly in the air every time I hear it. Also added this week - Filterfunk's "Message in a Bottle," yet another dance hit that relies on a vocal track from the 80's. This time the victim is "S.O.S." by The Police.


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