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A blog dedicated to the music played on KNGY, Energy 92.7, the radio station that kept the San Francisco Bay Area dancing from October 2004-September 2009.

August 22, 2007

Two National Premieres

New Music Alert: Congratulations to Energy for being the first station in the country to play two brand new songs. Last week, Energy beat the competition with the first Stateside spin of the huge UK #1 hit, "With Every Heartbeat," by Kleerup featuring Robyn (of late 90's "Show Me Love" fame). This stellar track gets added into regular rotation this week. And within a few hours of a new Madonna track leaking on the Internet today, Energy became the first U.S. outlet to play "The Beat Goes On" (featuring Pharrell) on the air. Last but not least, another add this week comes from Valeria, with her first hit, "Girl I Told Ya" (Energy was the second station in the nation to play this one).


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