Energy 92.7 San Francisco

A blog dedicated to the music played on KNGY, Energy 92.7, the radio station that kept the San Francisco Bay Area dancing from October 2004-September 2009.

January 19, 2005

Energy Website Up and Running

The official website of Energy 92.7 San Francisco now offers more than just a logo on a blank page. Updated this morning, the new and improved site provides various means to get in touch with the station, including email contacts, a music survey, and a contact form that did not yet appear to be working. There are also some small pictures of the on-air personalities, for those who are curious to see what they look like. A claim maintains that the site is only temporary as Energy gets ready to unveil its permanent presence on the web, and it's a minimal but adequate start. A link to the website is provided in the column to the right.