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November 03, 2008

SFGMC Videos

Here are some videos of concerts I have participated in as a member of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus:

December 2008 - New World Waking
Prologue (Rehearsal)
Holy Dirt (Rehearsal)
William's Song (Rehearsal)
My Thanksgiving Prayer (Rehearsal)
New World Waking (Concert Snippets)

November 2008 - Moscone/Milk Memorial
George Moscone/Harvey Milk Memorial

July 2008 - GALA (Miami)
Love/Gay vs. Straight Composers

June 2008 - Pride Concerts
Seasons of Love

May 2008
National Anthem - San Francisco Giants Game
My Rising Up (Rehearsal)

December 2007 - Home for the Holidays
Someday at Christmas

May 2007 - USS Metaphor
We Sail the Ocean Blue

And some before I joined:
GALA 2004 (Montreal)
Oh Happy Day
Deep River
We're Not Lost, We're Here

Parody, Mary
Flash Gordon, Queen of the Universe


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